Your wedding will sing

A story of boundless love

Each image forever playing

This beautiful melody


Each image of your day

As natural and free

Boundless and beautiful

As the love itself 



Your love is a story and I am the story teller.

My name is Kelvin Liu, and I believe that photography isn’t just about capturing beauty.

To me, photography is about telling the tale of your love’s evolution; unravelling the story behind the smile, uncovering the drive behind the promise and revealing the passion behind the kiss. To me, your dress might be stunning, but the reason you’re wearing it is the real reason you’re smiling.

I am based in Sydney and have been trained professionally in both digital and traditional film photographic mediums, but I believe most of my knowledge stems from experience, experimentation and from a deep connection to and understanding of love.

I am passionate about emotional and expressive images. For this reason, my photographic methods usually involves free reign for you – my job is simply to capture the intrinsic happiness and beauty of your wedding day. KD Studio is the result of my passion for photography mixed with my drive and determination to provide an alternative to the mainstream.

When I am allowed free time away from the business, I enjoy travelling and playing with anything vintage – including cameras! I also love meeting and getting to know passionate, positive people, and feel incredibly lucky that on a day to day basis I am surrounded by love and happiness.

I would love to be a part of your day - get in touch with me for more information.